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You are most like Eomer. You are courageous, loyal,
and clever. You can have a big mouth and be a
little too cocky.

Which human from LOTR would you be?
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A black&white pic of Legolas!
Your date is Legolas. He will be kind to you, and
he will also put your needs before his own. He
knows how to love, and will always be there for
you. Also, he's cute! What a plus! You lucky,
lucky girl!

Who is you Dream Lord of the Rings Date? With nice pictures for all you girls!
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You're Legolas's Lórien War-Bow!
You're Legolas's Lothlorien war-bow! WAY better
than the old Mirkwood model, you can shoot down
a winged Nazgul in the DARK. You were a gift to
Legolas from the Lady Galadriel. Be VERY

LOTR (Lord of the Rings) :Which Middle-earth Weapon Are You?
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woo I am that arrow yay!

faithful samwise gamgee
Your compatible friend from Lotr is Samwise! He is
the most reliable, trustworthy, and LOYAL
friend one could ever have of any race. He
might not be in the best physical shape to
rescue you from danger, but he will be behind
you all the way no matter what.

Which LOTR Character is Your Most Compatible Friend?
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You are Legolas.
You are Legolas.
(Please rate)

Which Lord of the Rings character are you? (with pictures and 9 results)
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Wow! Go you!! You really appreciate Lord Of The
Rings! You aren't obsessed with actors (Orlando
Bloom for instance). Most likely you have read
the books or have followed along really well
with the movies! I congratualate you!

Are you a real Lord Of The Rings fan?
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BUT... I am obsessed with the actors to lol*

Arwen saving Frodo
Your Scene would be when Frodo is getting chased by
the Ring-Wraiths when Arwen is saving him.

Which Lord of the Rings:FOTR scene should you be in?
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frodo threatening gollum with sting
You, mellon nin, belong in Lord of the Rings. You
tend to the heroic, and would die for king and

Do you belong in: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Pirates of the Caribbean
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You are loyal to elves! The wisest and fairest of
them all, well done Voronwer (loyal one)

Which LOTR Race are YOU loyal to?
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Merry! He's a sweetie, very funny, a true friend.
There's never a dull moment with him!

Which Hobbit is your perfect match? (girls only, sorry guys!)
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You would be a healer: Obviously you like helping
people or maybe you just like having magic

LOTR 'What would your occupation be in Middle-earth?'
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Your favorite Hobbit is Merry Brandybuck. Merry is
quite fearless if whatever the subject is has
to do with saving Middle Earth and The Shire.

Which Hobbit is your favorite?
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Congratulations! Your companion is Legolas
Greenleaf, Prince of Mirkwood. It seems you
hang out with a fairly noble crowd these days.

Whos companion are you?
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I'm Legolas!
You are the proud and graceful........Legolas
Greenleaf! The Elven prince of Mirkwood
Forest, your interests include doing cartwheels
over horses, surfing down stairs, jumping up
and down on cave troll heads, shooting orcs
with your bow, and keeping your hair and nails
perfect all the while. You're very talented!

Which side of Orlando Bloom are you?
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I'm Figwit!
You're Figwit! Who's Figwit? Figwit stands for
"Frodo Is Great Who Is That?". Who
is that? Who knows? He's an elf at the
Council of Elrond, sitting next to Aragorn.
He's v. silent.

Which little-known character in Middle-earth are you?
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